...and now, so are you.

This page is dedicated to IN THE COMPANY OF POETS. Philly's first all-female poetry ensemble.
A performance poetry group that I will forever be proud to have founded.

In The Company of Poets was originally founded as a poetry circle to provide an opportunity for emerging local poets to explore their craft by coming together for constructive critique of their written and spoken work in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Rotating to each member’s home beginning in the summer of 1999, the “regulars” came up with the idea of performing together, not only for the sake of performing, but also to bring attention to lifestyle issues affecting woman both home & abroad.

Their debut as a performance ensemble took place during the fall of 2000, as a result of being invited to perform at two venues in one weekend: one, a first-time open mic venue called Soul Speak, held at The Nile; and the second at The Society Hill Playhouse, opening for jazz vocalist Sherry Wilson Butler, which was to be their first contracted performance. Realizing that they had a unique style as a collective, In The Company of Poets began rehearsing together, marketing themselves and making the circuit of poetry venues in their hometown of Philadelphia, as well as in New Jersey, New York, Baltimore and Washington D.C. Audiences have since hailed them as the “Sweet Honey in The Rock” of poetry because of the way they blend words with rhythms.

Since November 2000, In The Company of Poets has been invited to perform for innumerous organizations such as: National Association of University Women; Anti-Violence Institute for People of Color; The Martin Luther King Day of Service ceremony hosted by The Alzheimer’s Association; Howard University; Juvenile Justice Center: Paul Roberson House; Byrn Mawr College, and the Friends Meetinghouse “Peace Fair,” just to name a few.

Members of In The Company of Poets have been featured on radio and television programs, poetry CD’s, and in local bookstores; received award-winning recognition in poetry writing contests; participated in poetry slams and spoken-word competitions; attended numerous workshops, festivals, and writers’ retreats to keep up to date with their craft; and have a selection of their individual self-published chapbooks available to the public. .